Saturday, February 19, 2011

Record session, Part Deux!

I absolutely love my foreshadowing skills. So 24 hours ago on my last post I wrote, "...because tomorrow the graph can easily be inverted and I'll be -10k at the end. It's the nature of the beast!" Well lo and behold, I had the worst poker day of my career today. After 488 SNGs, and a record (for me) 35,167 VPPs, I was -$17,511 in a session that included an unrelenting 21k downswing from my peak. Guess I should have stopped at game 50 hehe. This is easily the most I've ever lost in a day, but I feel surprisingly good for having lost that much. To be honest I was so busy with games that I just didn't realize I was down this much. I accept the responsibility that comes with playing as many games as I am, especially with no table selection. This combination is a surefire recipe for swimgaments no doubt.

I just could not win at any buy-in today - I was -$3000 in 100s, -$4700 in 200s, -$4000 in 300s, and -$7300 in 500s and above; pretty crazy day. For people who always want to know what bankroll you should have for SNGs, my results today pretty much indicate that you will lose 30 buyins in a day snap-easy. It even looks like I lost every SNG from game #190 to #225. 35 straight games without a cash, that's definitely possible, unfortunately.

Here's a graph of the fun today :) Not very swingy, just.. down.

Oh, here are a couple of actual live action shots of me playing haha. A friend of mine took it while I was winding down my session (only ~15 tables) . As you can see, I have 2 monitors (30" and 20"), but I only really use the 30". iTunes is the only thing on the smaller screen. The picture also kinda shows how I arrange my tables. It starts with a cascade, but I drag the important/high-stakes tables to the lower-left corner and semi-important ones off to the right (like tables that are heads up or 6max bubbles). Enjoy!

Hopefully tomorrow I will run a bit better. Time to foreshadow tomorrow's success: I will be +10k by the end.


cocobizzo said...

keep your head up man
oh and nice slippers!! haha joke :)

Anonymous said...

Is that "snus" above your keyboard?

Andrew Li said...

It's my speaker volume control, lol.

big fan of you said...

hehe! I read a few days ago on the chatbox that someone told u that u were the most lucky player on PS, I think he didn´t watch this graph...

Αλέξανδρος said...

haha, it's funny because I've notice that when i reach certain figures in my money account.. miracles start to happen.. have you notice the same??

Marcelo Faria said...

Sup Andrew

Just looking for the name of your keyboard (model, brand etc). I'm searching this here in my city but I cant find it =/

Cheers and good luck!