Friday, February 18, 2011

Record session

What a craaaazy day today was; it had a little bit of everything and it was a whole lot of fun just because of what I was able to battle through. I finished the day with 32,356 VPPs (23k during my day session and 9k at night), again toppling my previous best for VPPs in a day. I never really felt too tired or anything, because it felt like I was just cruising grinding out all 479 SNGs today. Just unbelievable volume as I've never come close to playing this many games in a day. With all this volume, I'm really paying a lot less attention to my swings up and down, and today was surely jam packed with them. For me, it's quickly becoming pointless to be sad about going on greater than 6k downswings during the day because I in my mind, I will just as easily will go right back up +6k. And it works the other way too - I can't be happy about being +5k because it just can go away so fast. Here's my graph from today:

I mean, up and down and up and down tons, story of my sessions. Obviously today was a great day for me but I can't be too happy about it because tomorrow the graph can easily be inverted and I'll be -10k at the end. It's the nature of the beast!

My plan from here on out is to get SNE pretty much as fast as I can do it. I'm not racing against anyone in particular since I don't know what anyone's intentions are. I think it'll be cool to just put in mega volume days for next 2 weeks just to see if I can do it.


cocobizzo said...

Damn man thats sick as hell Congrats!
keep it up azntracker youre the beast not poker

James Atkin said...

You're such a sicko lol, nice work

Anonymous said...

gratz guy!!1
Can you posta photo of your poker Set up...