Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I take breaks too!

So last Thursday, I took an unprecedented 2 day break from poker (at least this year). NO VPPS FOR 60 hours!!! Haha, a group of friends and I went out to a ski resort called Snowshoe in West Virginia, about a 4 hour drive from where I live. It was only the 2nd time I had ever gone skiing, and the first time was pretty disastrous, so I was very apprehensive about the whole trip. Surely enough, my first run down a blue (intermediate) category slope was miserable as I just didn't know what I was doing! However, by the end of that run and on ensuing ones, I really nailed it and was able to have the most fun/thrilling moments in months. The first day, my friends and I skied for 7 hours (4 hours during the day and 3 at night) and did a total of 25-30 runs on greens (beginner slopes) and blues, it was awesome! I couldn't wait for the next day where we did another day/night session of skiing. By the end of those, my legs were unbelievably sore, way worse than after the 60-70 mile bike rides that I did last summer. But it was so worth it, and hopefully I'll be at the slopes sometime soon. I'm thinking Vermont with friends in March...  Here's a picture from one of the ski lifts, the slope is a single black diamond, but I'm not good enough to do these comfortably yet.

Returning to poker - since my last post, there has been an interesting development in the 2011 VPP chase. Isildur1, who only had 140k VPPs at the end of Jan has since leapfrogged to 460k as of Feb 12th by multi-tabling 5k HUs (I think as many as 6 at a time) and getting in a ton of volume. His VPP rate there is unmatched by anyone, including myself and jorj95. If he wants to catch up and pass me, he definitely could; it's just a matter of his intention, and I have no idea what it is! As a result, I'm going to be playing extra long sessions I think. Today I got on a good schedule and played for 7 straight hours to rack up 23,094 VPPs, my largest single-session total ever, and then played a night session just before writing this blog post. I got 28,385 VPPs today, easily the most I've ever gotten in a day, and I'll try to make 25k my goal every day now. I also ran insanely hot today, and ended the day +9554 weeee. Definitely paying more attention to my VPPs now than my profit/losses.

Good luck everyone!


Prom said...

incredible! 28k! keep it up and stop being so lazy! and you ski so fast! NO BREAKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Isildur beats you in the vpp chase...

cocobizzo said...

hey azntracker! i watched you play and your play is awesome! i think you deserve to be rated one of the top players online right now.

i wanted to ask you, how to get rakeback?

also, what do you figure an avereage downswing would be in buy ins?
a low stakes grinder

cocobizzo said...

also, i dont know if you listen to music when you play, but you should consider checking out live365.com

they have a hip hop lounge that plays real good stuff! that way you dont have to look for songs while 20+ tabling.. enjoy!

Andrew Li said...

hey anonymous, if Isildur beats me, props to him, obviously he should be rewarded for being able to play so many games at nosebleed high stakes.

cocobizzo, ty for your kind words, i try to play my best always. I just get rakeback in the form of FPPs and VPP milestone bonuses, it's all straight $. I dont know how to answer downswing questions, since I go on such big ones and I'm not sure they are typical for all stakes. I also play so many different stakes so on a given day, if I'm -8k, I don't know how many "buyins" that is. Just be prepared to go on 150-200+ buyin downswings.

I LOVE listening to music when playing, I just have my entire itunes going during the whole time. Hiphop/techno/pop and even chill songs too. I will visit this site, ty for the suggestion.

cocobizzo said...

hey man! thanks for the reply ill keep checking your blog


massiejr said...

What is the incentive to having #1 in VPP?

RunningAlone said...

Keep up the grind if he plays in Sweden, I can tamper with his internet...but that will cost you ;)

By the way, if you got time please add me to your bloglist