Monday, February 7, 2011

Halfway there!

Passed 500K VPPs today! Weeee... the expense of another brutal day. My last two sessions have been the most frustrating type where I run very well in the low stakes and badly at the high stakes. I have only moneyed in 1 of the last 20 $1k or above SNGs, ouch, and that cash was 3 days ago. Today I had an average ROI of +6% and was down $7800, while yesterday my average ROI was +22% (!) and I was down $9414. Since I play such wildly different stakes (from $36 180mans to $1k 6/9mans), the ROI number is rarely an indicator of how I did for the day anyway. This has been the worst 2-day stretch of games in my career, but it really doesn't matter. While I hope it stops tomorrow, there's no guarantee it won't, and there is absolutely nothing I can do but play my best, which I have been.

If I can take a -17k swing over 2 days and be OK with it, you guys can handle your adversities at the table too. Just remember to play your best and have positive spirits always :)


EnoTmiS said...

Thanks for sharing with us your days! I always study your great videos! EnoTmis (

Anonymous said...

how much rakeback did u do in 2011?
a great deal of work + discipline

ITM Grinder said...

Hey Andrew, there is a possibility to record a movie and put at youtube when 30+ tabling just for us to see the insane action?

Gl at the tables!

Simplicity8 said...

Damn, I'm not even close to 100k yet!

Juan Jose Chavez said...

Hi Andrew,
Would you like to exchange links? My blog is
You can use the Google Website Translator Gadget in my blog to see it in your language. Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks and best of luck to you.


Henry said...

do you coach?

Gary said...

what is the spec of your computer?