Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allllllllmost there

Hey all! I just wanted to update everyone on my progress so far. I just finished a session which felt unbelievably good compared to my previous 5 sessions. Poker was actually fun for me again, as I didn't go on those dark depressing -10-15k swings that I had pretty much every session in the last 2 weeks or so. Believe me, it's freaking scary. Anyways I finished this session +$411, so very thankful to have a non-negative session (as yesterday I had a tragic -12,860 day preceded by an annoying -4,325 one). Yesterday, I only got 22,688 VPPs, very low for me in the past 2 weeks, but I was simply not in the right mindset to continue playing a night session, things had gone simply miserably for the entire afternoon. As for today, action died kind of early, and I don't plan on playing a night session since there's not much running. I finished with 25,696 VPP today, which puts me at 944,916 for the year.

I've got 55 and change left in the next two days, so I'm really getting close now! Tomorrow's action should be much higher than today's, so perhaps I'll put in a 35k day with 2 sessions, then take it easy on the 28th for the last 20k. Once I get to SNE, I'm going to write another post detailing my run up to it, including some pretty sexy graphs for you all to see. Just kidding, they are some of the most brutal graphs I've ever seen with swings like I've never encountered before (intraday/session swings). I think it'll be good though because people should be aware of just what is capable of happening in poker. And maybe it'll stop some regs from whining @ the tables whenever they lose 10 games in a row :)

Oo, I haven't posted a screenshot in a while, and you guys know I love those haha; it makes things interesting and fun for me at least! This was on a 1k 6max bubble, all in preflop (altho all in on the turn woulda been even sicker!) It's probably only the first or second time I've ever had quads that beat another person's quads. And to this day, my quads have only lost once (to a straight flush, and I was playing cash on PartyPoker 7 years ago, go figure...)


woodie said...

Insane volume lol it takes me like 2 months to get that many vpps you make in a session, absolute sick head!!

Marcelo Faria said...

Andrew, about ur keyboard (post feb 19). Could u say what model/brand is?

I'm searching but cant find it...
Sorry about my terrible english.


Anonymous said...

Hi how many hours you played to reach SNE in 2 months ?

1990's said...

i want my mouse back

Andrew Li said...

thanks woodie! nice name!

Marcelo, my keyboard is an Apple keyboard with numpad (I use a PC though).

Anonymous, it's hard to estimate how much I've played (I don't have software that tracks how long I've logged at tables). I average about 3k VPP/hour, so I've played probably played 350 hours or so.

1990s, you can't have it.

Carlos Arboiro said...

andrew, id like to know what do you do with your fpps,only spend them on bonuses? you are gonna make pokerstars bankrupt :D lol

cocobizzo said...

Glad to see things are a bit better azntracker!
i thought you had reached SNE a day or two ago..oops
as per previous comment
I would also like to know what you will do with your FPP..get a PORSCHE? at this rate you could get like 4 this year lol