Monday, June 20, 2011

Sydney Update!

10 days ago, I left off with the very start of my poker grind and new life here in Sydney. Back then, the weather was atrocious, cloudy, and raining off and on pretty much all hours of the day. Since then however, all that messy weather has cleared, and every winter day now is gorgeous with blue skies (temperature a quite comfy 15 C/60 F). I am definitely getting used to my 450am alarm, much better than I would have thought. Because I am only getting 6-7 hours of sleep every night, I have a "mask of sleepiness" on me pretty constantly, but I am adapting well. Plus, I'm able to nap whenever I want if I'm not doing anything out with people or errands after my sessions. I took my move here very seriously, so that is providing all the motivation I need to keep up my odd schedule. My adjustment has been so severe, as I now consider getting to bed after 11pm and getting up past 5am "late." Some of you may know my old schedule in the states frequently included the exact opposite of those times; I'd often sleep in past 11am, and sometimes go to bed after 5am!

Poker-wise, it's been pretty standard every day at the tables. I am fully entrenched in the swongs that is the nature of the games I play. Every session, I am up or down heaps (like my newly developing Australian lingo?), but mostly down unfortunately. I've already had two -9k days, including today. Normally that wouldn't be too big of a concern, since I'm used to those by now, but this is the time where a downswing hurts the most. I didn't start with much money in my account, so I've been dipping into the zone of my Pokerstars balance to SNG stakes ratio. In fact, during one session last week, I actually ran out of money when registering for games! I usually register for games that never run anyway (so I have stopped doing that). Also, being registered for every game in the lobby and of course the games I'm already playing in automatically deducts 12k+ from my balance, so it's quite crazy. It's better now though, as I have received some money in my account through FPPs, transfers with friends, and I'm approaching my 1.5m VPP milestone...only 3k to go!

So all in all, life down here has been hunky dory, save the fact that I can't win flips in my $500 games :) My social network has been expanding, although it's still very tough taking the initiative and engaging others, while trying not impose too much since I know I'm an outsider. It will take time for sure. Thankfully, I am just fine on my own as well...I just bought some awesome new running shoes yesterday and have gone on two long runs already (14 km and 8km). Today, I did one of my most memorable and pleasurable activities here - the sunset+twilight run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, around Circular Quay, and to the Sydney Opera House. The views are breathtaking and I highly doubt I will ever tire of these sight. Sydney's downtown skyline (they call it the Sydney CBD, or just "city") is majestic too, as is the opposite facing North Shore skyline (where I live!)

Here are some grainy/crappy pictures I took as I crossed the bridge one night. The lights/colors projected onto the Opera House and the Customs House were part of an art exhibition called "Vivid." Definitely very cool.

It's past 11 at night here, so I'm already late for bed. 6 hours later and I'll be starting it up again. I hope my poker work ethic down here is inspiring you guys to do the same! Cheers, mates.


HobbyPlaya said...

Hi Man!

Sidney is awesome place!
Do you have private address, where can we talk? I read in one of your report that you like to meet and talk with new people. That's gonna be great!

P.S.: or if you can see my email address, please write to me. Thanks and good luck!

icky said...

Hi Andrew, I was thinking to E-mail you instead of posting a comment on your blog but couldn't really find your email address haha!

Anyways, I've been at lost with what to do lately with poker lately - I've been offered a decent prop bet from some friends about whether or not I could achieve SNE by end of this year - I used to be a MTT player but really have struggled lately. I can multitable a fair amount (ie. 30-35 tables) and was wondering/seeking your advice and honest opinion, if it's still possible, if I start from scratch (with platinum star), to achieve SNE starting NOW for this yr? Ie. if the games permit - I'd be playing $30-60 and dabbling in $100 SNGs, and 55 and $100 fifty50's too!

I realise it's going to take INCREDIBLE motivation/work ethic to achieve if I start from scratch now but is it doable in the current situation of how SNG's are running ,etc? (ie. post black friday). Oh and I realise if you say 'YES DEFINITELY you can' it may or may not affect your own winrate if another 'reg' jumps abroad, but tbh I won't affect your winrate at all I think! - I just really really need some cash atleast for next year!

PS. I'm a big fan, and I'm also from Australia too (Melbourne) - You should come down for APPT Melbourne Main Event in July, should be good :)

Cheers and appreciated so much,


Andrew Li said...

I definitely wouldn't recommend jumping into SNGs for an SNE pursuit this late. The swings will really test you haha, especially with the volume that you plan/need to play.

Of course I also wouldn't want another reg at the tables :p There are enough of them as it is. You would most definitely affect my win rate, it's simple math haha.

I'll think about Melbourne, not sure if I want to play that just yet. Would certainly like to visit though, so we shall see.

Ebu said...

Hey Andrew,

amazing blog, i just read about you in the Cardplayer magazine in DUTCH! So you are famous in the Netherlands aswell, lol!

What kind of program do you use to keep track of your profit, etc. To make those graphs?


daluckiest said...

Hi Andrew!

I've bacame fan of you and watch your games everyday. I hope you will soon make your 1,500,000th VPP. I've recently lost all of my money and would be very nice of you if you'd lend me few hundred bax to my account, I promise I will send them back as soon as i receive my sallary at the end of the account in pokerstars is: daluckiest

rocketry said...

Welcome to Aus buddy i still remember watching your vids religiously on sngg, made me a heaps better player for that so thanks.

Hopefully the weather comes up good we have had some odd weather the past few months especially summer last year, summer this year should be amazing hopefully.

You should have made the switch here earlier when the exchange rate on the USD / AUD was great for winning players that dont need to constantly reload their account =) i was having the time of my life when it was at like 80cents :( although now it is nice to be able to buy heaps of cheap stuff from the states.

Anyways hope your enjoying your time here mate and i wonder if your starting to drop the ERs lol its probably the biggest difference in the accents aussies never say er on the end of words we just replace them with A's but americans always fully pronounce the word like "river" = riva lol