Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australia Bound...

Just like that, I will be leaving the USA tomorrow and making Australia my new home for at least the next 7 months (till end of 2011), if not a few more months into 2012. I will deeply miss everyone around here but life moves quickly, and everyone's gotta make decisions that's best for them. Mine is clear: close out the year as best I can, aka rack up as many VPPs as possible.

With regard to the VPP record, I can honestly say that my mindset about that is the exact same as in January when had 0 VPPs. I'm going to start playing in Sydney as if the year just started, so I'll play as much as I feel comfortable with and just see where that takes me. I will still be eyeing the VPP record, but I really have to see how long it takes me to get up and running in Sydney and then reevaluate. If the action isn't significant enough to give me a real chance, or my pace simply isn't enough to get the record, then so be it. My history of not setting a goal (without sufficient information) has worked out well for me so far :)

I'll definitely post here as soon as I'm set up in Sydney, which hopefully won't take too long. All you guys catching up to me, it's time for me to (try to) pull away again! I'm super stoked about this next phase of my life and I'm sure I will be content with wherever it takes me.


Juergen said...


just want to wish you good luck and health on your way of (poker-)kolllife. It is a tough decision to go abroad.

Thanks for sharing your movement. It is inspiring :-)

All the best, Juergen

Seth said...

Isn't Australia talking about banning online poker??

Daniel said...

Have fun Andrew, enjoy Australia!!

And keep on blogging, I love your blog!


learn poker said...

Goodluck living in Australia.

Pretty much like in the USA, Australia's online poker is also in jeopardy and causing much distress to their pool of real money poker players.