Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EPT Madrid Quick Update

Hey guys, what a fantastic run at the EPT Madrid main event so far for me. I've got 704,000 chips (not 104k as reported by Pokernews/Cardplayer), which is good enough for 12th out of 24 left. The remaining field, including my table, seems very manageable with only a couple big names left (Alex Gomes and Victor Ramdin). Good thing I am friends with both ;)

I am so so stoked to have made it this far, and I realize I may never be in this position again so I'm trying to cherish every additional minute I'm in the tournament. I thank everyone for their support so far on this run. Up till the very end of yesterday, I've just kinda crept along/survived without much fanfare so the attention has been pretty minimal. Today might change that hopefully. In terms of payouts, it really doesn't matter until the final table, but I'm sure loving the spot I'm in now regardless of the money. I truly wish there were a way to bookmark my life at this point right now!

So a few more allins that go my way, and I'll be headed to the final table tomorrow! They are live streaming it with revealed hole cards for everyone for the first time in EPT history. That is going to be so awesome to play, just so awesome. And to think I booked flight the day before I flew, and all that random craziness happening with the 1st flight. Oh fate, you tricky devil!

Gl me.


Limels said...


James "epitomised" Atkin said...

Best of luck dude!

Anonymous said...

gl in Madrid man :)

Rado (Radoom)

Anonymous said...

Good luck
Hope to watch you at the final table

Brian said...

glglglgl You are a sick individual.

cocobizzo said...

yesss congrats on FT man!! any chance u know where and when they are streaming the FT? thanks and glgllglg

ElCanalla said...

Nice 4 on the river, bro!!!!


martynasdom said...

Hi !
This is Martynas from pokerstars. I was playing with you first two days in EPT. I hope you remeber me,tight guy.
Finished 125 after loosing all in with my Aqo vs T9s. Damn so close to the money