Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview Up

Hey all, just a quick update so far. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Remko Rinkema over at (the Dutch version of Powernews), and my interview with him has now been posted. Check it out! It's a bit long so feel free to skip around. I think I'm a bit rambly in places, but that's just me trying to convey all that I want to in the short amount of time that I got.

In other news, I have continued my shortened sessions and have been table selecting hardcore at the 6mans above $235, perhaps too much so. Because I am passing on so many games, my VPP rate has nosedived to around 2000-2500 an hour, so I have to figure out the fine line between VPP accrual and table profit/losses. I would have have no problem getting only 10k VPPs every day from here on out (what I've been getting lately), if I averaged that many every day for the rest of 2011. That would put me at just above 4M VPPs for the year, a lofty goal in itself. However, I know I'll be traveling later and will be taking random days off like today, so I'll need to pick it up during my playing days.

Finally, *warning cornyness alert* I would like to extend my thoughts and well-wishes to all those affected in Japan by the earthquake and ensuing tsunamis. It's a disaster of epic proportions and I can't even begin to imagine the utter devastation that that country is going through. We can all help in some ways, at the very least by donating. As poker players who don't contribute too much (anything?) to society, this is an opportunity for us to give back, if only by giving some money.


Guilherme Quartilho said...

Hoping that pokerstars opens a tournament to help Japan, like they did with Haiti.

Guilherme Quartilho said...

Oh, about the interview, thanks for the insights, pure gold!
Good job and thanks for sharing the numbers and thoughts
Keep the good work, following your videos @ sng grinders :D

Anonymous said...

Can you post the interview in english? ty

Andrew Li said...

Interview is in English, just the page is in Dutch. You can find the actual interview/audio recording pretty easily on the page.